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The Size of the World


"In Silber’s magnificent fiction . . . the characters’ lifetimes pass with a page-turning effortlessness that belies their intense, moving depths."
—Publishers Weekly, starred review
“To illustrate what [Silber] calls ‘the elusive connection between place and happiness’ requires perfectly calibrated psychological insight and near-photographic descriptions of daily life in far-flung places, and Silber is a genius at this.”
—Howard Norman, Washington Post Book World
“The Size of the World moves from the United States to Vietnam to Thailand, back to the U.S., to Sicily and back to Thailand with dizzying fluidity….{It} is a wild ride….When you look down, you can see how far there is to fall and how tiny everything looks when your mind is in orbit.”
—Susan Slater Reynolds, Los Angeles Times
“Silber’s sixth book again showcases her intricately crafted narrative style…The characters within the book’s delicate web illustrate how inescapable are the consequences of any human action, rippling from one generation to another across continents in this ‘great swarming world.’”
—Thailan Pham, People
“Joan Silber writes novels that act like tidy galaxies of stories. She writes stories that act like poetically compressed novels. Regardless, each one describes orbits, then more orbits, patent or subtle. The orbiting of concentric tales, details, and vocal tones is what holds Silber’s fiction together and is also what makes it move.”
—Molly McQuade, Bloomsbury Review

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