Other Writings

Essays, Articles, and Reviews

Review of Paul Yoon’s Once the Shore, in New York Times Book Review, June 14, 2009.

Nostalgia, Vogue, Feb. 2006 (about Joan’s career as a waitress)

Reprinted as "On the Fly" in Nostalgia in Vogue, ed. Eve MacSweeney (Rizzoli, 2011).

“Getting Dramatic,” in Now Write!: Fiction Writing Exercises From Today’s Best Writers and Teachers, ed. Sherry Ellis (Penguin, 2006).

“Eat First,” in Rules of Thumb: 71 Authors Reveal Their Writing Fixations, ed. Michael Martone and Susan Neville (Writers Digest Books, 2006)

“Long Times in Short Fiction, or Why Can’t a Story Be More Like a Novel” in Associated Writing Programs Journal, Jan.-Feb. 2004.

Essay, “Weight in Fiction,” in Bringing the Devil to His Knees: The Craft of Fiction and the Writing Life (University of Michigan Press, 2001).

Short fiction in anthologies

“My Shape,” in The Scribner Anthology of Contemporary Short Fiction (Touchstone, 2007).

“War Buddies” in The O. Henry Prize Stories 2007 (Anchor, 2007).

“My Shape” in The Story Behind the Story: 26 Stories by Contemporary Authors and How They Work (Norton, 2004).

“The High Road” in The O. Henry Prize Stories 2003 (Anchor, 2003) and Pushcart Prize XXVIII: Best of the Small Presses (Pushcart Press, 2003).

“Commendable” in Pushcart Prize XXV: Best of the Small Presses (Pushcart Press, 2000).

"The Dollar in Italy" in An Inn Near Kyoto: Writing by American Women Abroad (New Rivers Press, spring 1999).

Short fiction in magazines and journals

"Better," in Epoch, fall 2012.

"Buying and Selling," in Agni, spring 2012.

"Two Opinions," in Epoch, spring 2012.

“Fools,” Northwestern Review, winter 2009.

“Allegiance,” Ploughshares, winter 2008.

“War Buddies,” Land-Grant College Review, 2005.

“The High Road,” Ploughshares, fall 2002.

“Commendable,” Ploughshares, fall 1999.

"First Marriage," River City, summer 1998.

"Without Ellie," Boulevard, winter 1997.

"What Lasts," Boulevard, fall 1995.