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In The City


“Astonishingly wise, beautifully written, and evocative of so much: just how it felt to be on one’s own in the city, waiting for life to begin.”
—Francine Prose
“This is a rare and lovely book. In In the City the reader is encompassed by Joan Silber’s fiction so that the experience of the story is immediate…Pauline…is the person we all remember being.”
—Robb Forman Dew
“This deceptively simple narrative achieves real depth and resonance.”
—Publishers’ Weekly
“Fascinating…Silber’s prose is a marvel of compression, precision, and tact, a perfect counterpoint to [her heroine’s] inquisitive, bold, and self-absorbed sensibility.”
—The Philadelphia Inquirer
“Greenwich Village in the 1920s is the setting for Pauline Samuels's coming of age. Fresh from high school in Newark, Pauline plunges into the social whirl of speakeasies and artists' parties, political rallies and casual love affairs. As her experiences multiply, so does her self-awareness. Thus, at the end of the novel, this bright young woman is no longer the callow flapper of the first chapter. Silber, who won the 1981 Ernest Hemingway Award, has written a densely textured period piece that deftly chronicles the timeless story of a young woman's awakening to the world around her and to her own psyche.”
—Library Journal