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Household Words


"Unqualified praise goes to this rarity: an extraordinary novel about ordinary people."
—Chicago Tribune
“Neither moralism nor melodrama taints this graceful portrait; the author’s finely tuned English is the perfect instrument for tracing her heroine’s life as it hardens, contracts, and cracks, and cracks along unsuspected hairline flaws.”
—The New Yorker
"Silber's writing is strong and richly detailed, spotlighting the drama inherent in everyday lives."
—Washington Post
"Silber has an extraordinary ability to convey the texture of everyday relationships, the progression of time through small changes and hazily defined seasons."
—Chicago Sun-Times
"Exquisitely observant….Joan Silber has refused glib optimism, even glib rage. She goes instead to that string of small, unglamorous, thankless survivals that make up the truth of what life really is—and creates exultation there….A brave, wise, quite nearly heart-breaking book."

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